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Saturday, September 11th, 2004

Time:10:39 am.

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........Miscellanea Section.............Other Photography

........6. Warley Hospital, Essex [Winter 2008]

........5. Cane Hill, London [Summer 2005]

........Appendix: Vertigo - [by Renée] [January 2007 (visit 2005)]

........4. Hellingly Hospital, East Sussex [Early Spring 2006]

........3.5. Tottenham Baths [Spring 2005]

........3. Severalls, Essex [Summer 2004]

........Appendix 1: Chapel and Tower [July 2005]

........Appendix 2: Pale Fire [December 2005]

........Appendix 3: Mirror [November 2006]

........2. Runwell, Essex [June 2004]

........Runwell Appendix [August 2004]

........1. Rauceby, Lincolnshire [May 2004]


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